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You may want to know this…

First -

Healing Comes Through Relationship

I have some clients that I have worked with for over twenty years.


Because the soul expands eternally.

People continue to blossom and grow.

Life happens.

And people want to travel with people they trust. Don't you?

I sure do. I have been working with my healers for ages.

It's good to get balanced and stay balanced. It benefits you to have someone to accompany you on your ever unfolding journey. (See Journey Work and Watch Free Presentation: Secret of Life Coaching Success Revealed.)

Beyond the relationship between you and me, you'll discover the hidden relationships with Soul and Body Wisdom.

Body Wisdom is a living intelligence that directs my hands-on healing work with clients. Your body and mine draws from the 500 million years old body wisdom of mammals.

When I work with you, I look into your body and I listen to its story. It tells me - where to work, how to work, in what order to work, and when to stop.

I do my best to listen and follow the wisdom. Obviously, I dedicate much of my life to spiritual practices that enable me fine tune my listening.

Second -

Healing Is Not an Event. It's a Process.
Being Symptom Free Is Just Your Starting Point.

Your healing process, your life process unfolds continually. People know about developmental stages for children such as the stages of crawling that lead up to walking and running. What's not as well known is that you never stop progressing in wisdom.

That said, I have been helping people for over four decades. I employ a wide variety of methods and techniques to support you in living a life you love wholeheartedly - body and soul.

The specific techniques I use don't really matter. I can give you certificates, diplomas, and licenses, but you need to know I'll use what works with you. Many of those methods and techniques that work, I make up on the spot to fit your needs for that precise day. (You can read about specific methods below.)

Three --

How My Childhood Wounds Can Benefit You

My life is one of recovering from childhood soul wounds that left me believing I was not good enough. This is the story of shame wounding.

The pain of not feeling good enough led me on a lifelong quest to heal my wounds of shame and a profound and persistent drive to find answers for myself and others so that no-one need suffer.

Everyone can live a life they love wholeheartedly - body and soul.

Obviously, I have found answers, and over the last 40 years, I have helped countless people just like you turn their lives around as have I.

Clearly, I am a work in progress. But on the whole, my life works well for me.

You can read my stories and discover why I say my life works well.

Stories Reveal the Soul

If you want to be in relationship with someone, stories can help you to build some trust. Clearly, effective BodyTherapies, Life Coaching and Mentoring require a close connection with the healer, coach, or mentor.

Here's a Favorite Story That Arose in a Session with a Client

In every good fairytale, the hero or heroine bangs into an impossible task. In your story, it's getting to live a life you love starting from where you are right now.

For this conversation we can say you want to live fully in the world.

You want to live your own life. Not the life of your parents, your teachers, the advertisers.

You want to live a life aligned with the Sacred, while paying your bills on time. You want to be of service using your gifts and talents, doing work you love.

A big task? Of course it is. It is your life we're talking about. What's your alternative - living a life of quiet or not so quiet desperation? I don't think so.

How many demon's do you face every day that want to suck the life from your soul? The demons seduce with tempting distractions that prevent you from having the life you love.

Pause for a moment and consider - "What are my distractions? What false treasures do they promise me?"

OK, on with the story…

In fairytales, the first sister goes forth to pluck a hair from the beard of the grand demons face while he snores in his lair. This hair when burned in the sacred fires will break the evil spell and everyone will live happily ever after.

On the way she meets a dwarf who greets her with twinkling eye, "Whither thou goest young miss? What, pray tell, are you about this fine morning?"

"I am on an important mission to pluck one hair from the beard of the grand demon and I don't have time to dilly dally with you."

"Oh, is that so, my good lady. It sounds very scary. Can I offer you some counsel?"

"No. No. I am on a mission and don't need the help of folks like you." (Certainly, you've been there, right. I sure have - attitude, suspicion, and false importance.)

Without the good dwarf's help, the dwarf allows her to head up into a rocky defile where she and her horse are soon trapped and can neither go forward nor backwards.

The second sister has the same self-important attitude and distrust of dwarfish help and fails to see the goodness in front of her. She suffers a fate similar to number one.

Lastly, the third sister heads off on her journey.

However, when she meets our friendly dwarf, who has gotten a bit irritated by these fools and their attitude, she dismounts, shares some bread and cheese with the dwarf. She spends the night telling tales by the fire but mostly listening.

The next day, the dwarf provisions her and bestows the secrets that will insure her success with snatching the hair from the beard of the beastly demon.

She successfully brings home the hair and the magic is complete. All is well.

After telling this story to a favorite client, he asked, "William, are you the dwarf?"

"No," I replied, "But I can introduce you."

It is delusion to think the hero makes this journey alone and without help. No one makes his or her hero journey alone.

Just like in all the stories, companions and helpers always join you on your journey to wholeness.

You need a mentor. And you need companions.

Remember, you can live a life you love.

Obviously, to help ensure success and make your journey more fun, I will companion you on your way.

I will introduce you to the wizards and the fairytale creatures that can help you.

You can explore more stories --

After you have explored these stories, you'll know whether you want to work with me.

Here's how you can get help -

If you live in the Seattle area or travel here...

You can receive valuable one-on-one work with me in person at my office in Madison Park across the street from beautiful Lake Washington. Read below for details.

If you live anywhere else in the world...

You can work with me doing Body & Soul Mentoring by phone or through Skype as people all over the world have done.

You Can Schedule Your Appointment

Call me or email me for an appointment to get your life humming wonderfully.


Free Ways to Sample My Wares

Healing Is a Mystery

In this short recording, I reveal what really powers my hands-on BodyTherapy and my Life Coaching work with patients.

I asked the mysterious Madam Ling to review the audio and she reported, "William, the audio is good. It will give people a real feel for you and the work, but you forget to tell them that you bring over thirty years of training in very specific healing modalities, both physical and conversational, to this process of connection with Presence."

"Oh…" I pondered.

"Well, I could tell the listener that what I reveal - powers and informs the hands-on CranialSacral Therapy, the Visceral Manipulation, the Life Coaching and the Mentoring, not to mention the dozen modalities not mentioned anywhere but learned and absorbed."

"Yes, do that," the mysterious Madam Ling agreed.

Knowing this background, you can listen to the Mystery of Healing HERE.

And listen to these interviews…

One) In this 22 minute interview with Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal, you can listen in while Krysta asks me questions that get me to reveal the secret of how I moved from the extremely linear left-brain activity - Engineering and Applied Physics at Harvard -- to engaging in exotic, highly intuitive right-brained BodyTherapies and Life Coaching.

You'll hear me reveal the secrets of enjoying Heaven on Earth. You can listen to us explore the benefits of your having a practice to make it all happen.

You can hear about your brain coiling and uncoiling… your skull moving like it was breathing… discover the magic of CranialSacral Therapy.

Click HERE to listen to it. (To save it to your computer, Right Click it then select Save Target As and then tell your computer where you want to save it e.g. your desktop.)

Two) In this 28-minute interview with Dr. Mark Filippi, I reveal some secrets about myself and my practice that I've never spoken about publicly. Hear the huge life giving secret my mother passed on to me when I was eight years old. You'll be able to use it in your own life, and this secret will tell you much about how I will work with you.

Listen now >> Click Here <<

What benefits do people get working with me?

  1. Pain and fatigue disappear, and they feel good again.
  2. They feel at home in their body and in their lives. Don't miss this one.
  3. They find greater energy and the increased imagination to create a life less ordinary. Yes!
  4. They find their heart's calling. This is the best!
  5. They regain the twinkle in their eyes and the smile on their lips.
  6. They receive support through the losses in life.
  7. They get support and coaching for their careers and for their relationships.

Here's What I Do and What It Means for You

In my practice, I employ the most sophisticated, far-reaching, results-getting, gentle techniques available. For nearly three decades the keystones of my practice have been CranialSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, mentoring and life coaching.

You Get

Time to focus on you with the help of a committed listener. Invaluable.

An opportunity to work with the healing genius of your body. Just plain awesome!

A chance to focus on your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Ideas and coaching to develop strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be. Take advantage of this now!

Stop and Think where you'll be in a week…

… if you don't take some action to improve your life now.

Call me for an appointment to get your life humming wonderfully.


Or email me.



P.S. As this conversation wraps up, imagine where you will certainly be in a year if you don't call me. Where could you be if you do? Consider getting started now.


Or email me.

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This is so cool. Try it. It will reveal more than anything I can say about how interconnected you are.

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