William Wittmann, LMP

Welcome Letter

You can read my New Client Welcome Letter. It will give you antoher flavor of what it will be like to work with me.

: )

William's Office Hours

I see patients Monday through Friday, and Saturdays as needed. I start at 7:30 AM and see my last patient starting at noon. Appointments last an hour.

On Wednesdays, I see clients at my Alki Beach home for Life Coaching and Mentoring (BodyTherapy and Life Coaching in Madison Park.)

I also take regular sabbaticals throughout the year so that I am able keep my promise to you. I promise to be well rested, refreshed, and delighted to see you when you come for a session.

My sabbaticals fall every eight weeks or so.

    The first falls around the winter holidays - I leave the Sunday before Christmas and I start back the first Monday after New Years.

    Second, falls around the first two weeks in March.

    Third, the two weeks before Memorial Day.

    Fourth, around the first two weeks in August.

    Last, two weeks towards the end of October.

Ask me for specific dates if you wish.

Fees & Insurance

Call for current information. I prefer checks. I accept credit cards through PayPal and obviously, PayPal payments, checks and cash (exact change please). (If you wish to use PayPal email me. Click here for details on how to do it.)

Some people get coverage through their insurance carriers "out of network" provision. I am not a "preferred" provider (in network) for any insurance company at present. Ask your carrier about "out of network" licensed massage therapy if you care to pursue coverage. Good luck.

Contact Information


    4227 E. Madison, 2-C

    Seattle, WA 98112


    (206) 328-2073


    william at bodyandsoulmentor dot com

Directions to William Wittmann's Office

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4227 E. Madison, Suite 2-C

From Eastside across 520:

Take the first exit off of 520 after crossing the lake, which is Lake Washington Blvd. At the end of the ramp turn left and follow the arterial through the Arboretum.

At the traffic light turn left on Madison. Take Madison all the way down to the lake. The last block of Madison is one way the wrong way. You will be routed to the right then to the left ( you have no choice), then turn left on Madison. You have just gone around my building and a triangular block.

Park. In good weather, be advised that parking gets tight at lunch time and at beach swimming times. So allow a little extra time to find parking.

I-5 From the North

Get off at the 520-Bellevue exit and then get off 520 at the Montlake exit. Stay in the right lane.

At the end of the ramp go straight, the main flow of traffic goes to the left and the university. You want to go straight and be on Lake Washington Blvd. Follow the arterial through the arboretum and turn left on Madison. Follow the directions above for people coming from the eastside on 520.

I-5 From the South and I-90

Take I-90 to I-5 North. Get off at the Madison Street exit and take Madison east to Lake Washington. Follow directions above.

A prettier alternative and perhaps as quick is to go through town to 520 east to Bellevue and follow those instructions above.

Any questions call me. 206.328.2073 Or email:

william at bodyandsoulmentor dot com