William Wittmann, LMP


What Is Journey Work?

It begins…

She comes to remove her blocks to making money…

They send their son because he isn't living up to his potential; he is troubled…

She comes to relieve back pain from her injured disk…

Quickly, all discover that their initial reason for coming opens the door to a life journey they have always yearned for.

Your Deep Destination

After you're making a living, your son is on his way towards his potential, and the back pain is gone, your true journey begins.

Your journey is to find your gifts and talents, develop them, and then employ them joyously in service to your loved ones, your village, and thereby, your world.

Your journey is a commitment to awaken. A commitment to living a life you wholeheartedly love -body and soul.

Your destination remains a mystery. You can only walk your journey, and then, know it at the end.

Why Do You Leave Home?

The hero/heroine journey starts from a comfortable place. Home. Something happens which precipitates your moving out into the world. The way it has been no longer shelters you. You must go out into the unknown to face the mystery and to accept the challenge.

Some leave because they hear the call of the road, the lure of riches, the song of glory, or promise of golden relationships.

At any rate, you leave your comfortable home. You begin to awaken. And there is no going back, only through to the end.

You Will Face Obstacles

Obstacles will try to stop you. Guaranteed. The road may even disappear. Completely.

Have you ever wondered, "Hey, how did I get here?"

"I didn't start out to be a chambermaid. I was going to be a princess."

"Or a surgeon… Or an explorer…"

"I was going to be famous."

"I was going to live in a place filled with golden wonders."

This is the worst of obstacles, discovering you have completely lost your way. Many of my patients find themselves in this weird place when they contact me for an appointment.

Illness, a broken heart, or financial woes challenge many.

Helpers on the Journey

No one, succeeds on this journey without help. Despite the deluded notion of the solitary hero/heroine overcoming all, it doesn't happen.

Don't worry, you will have to walk every step of your journey yourself. Every step. No-one can do it for you. But you will and must have help. Every fairytale and all religions refer to these helpers.

Who you gonna call? In the immortal theme of Ghostbusters, you must call on experts. Who you gonna call?

Your gut or your heart will reliably identify a true expert. You will know your helpers when you encounter them. They will be someone who has taken this journey themselves. They won't have undergone the exact same journey as you, there can be no such journey.

You journey is unique. But all hero/heroine journey's follow similar patterns. Different but recognizable.

Here's How I Choose My Helpers & Mentors

I presume anyone I am checking has good skills before I even start, that they have the right background. The right background could be anything that resonates with me.

Morris Rones, my practice partner, used to sell cars and teach little ones in a Montessori school inside of Seattle's wonderful Children's Hospital. He lived on a kibbutz in Israel. These credentials are more import to me than Morris's masters degree in counseling from the prestigious Seattle University.

Likewise, for Sasha Wittmann, LMP. I refer to her not because she graduated from the prestigious Breneke Massage School, but for the 17 years she has been healing horses. Why?

Obviously, you notice that horses don't talk. That means Sasha has to 'see' deeply into the horse to uncover his secrets. What may be less obvious is that you can muscle your way into a 1000+ pound animal. You have to learn intention and focus to move deeply within.

Do you see how these might be useful?

Next I ask myself questions --

Are they still actively on the journey? Or do they present themselves as having arrived? If they pretend to have already arrived at the journey's end, then I back out of the room slowly. I suggest you look elsewhere, these folks are dangerous.

What's my gut say? Can I trust them? Will they be there when the going gets tough? (It will get tough at some point.)

Are they safe? Will they shame me? I have had enough shaming in my life, I don't need any more. You don't either. Are their boundary's clear and strong.

Do they laugh? Humor is important. A variation -- Do they take themselves too seriously? Can they laugh at themselves?

Do their action confirm their words? Do they walk their talk? Practice what they preach?

Bottom line, can you trust the person to journey with you?

How Long Does The Journey Take? Are We There Yet?

In the stories, the journey does end. And for you too, it will end. But you will head out again soon. You are always on the journey until you die.

I have been working with my mentor for over 17 years and have had travelling companions for longer still. I have journeyed with my wife since she was 14. I've travelled with my brother for even longer.

This is one reason you want someone who is still on the journey, it makes it harder to outgrow them.

Sometimes you outgrow you journey helpers. Not to worry. You will be led to the next ones at just the right time.

Keep moving.

So, what is journey work?

Meeting your life head-on, awake, in this very moment, until your last breath.


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