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Strength and Ease for Body and Soul

A Typical Session with William

I start out each session with asking what you want to get out of our time together. We'll talk about how you're progressing and what has come up in your life. The goal is wholeness, strength and ease for body and mind. We look beyond the body and even beyond the mind to how your life is working as a whole.

I will start to work with your body. (Because, people remain dressed with my work, comfortable clothes like sweats are ideal.) We may work quietly or in conversation, sometimes with music if it supports the work, with silence if that is more supportive. I'll ask questions, you'll ask questions, we walk a path to wellness. The primary conversation is not psychotherapy, but philosophy. In Chinese medicine it is known that philosophy is the most potent healer. Naturally, since you are different each time you come to me each sessions is always designed to fit the circumstance of the day. The session lasts for about an hour.

William's Body Work

William Wittmann Office

When I work with your body, I do a combination of three techniques that are different in name, but similar in practice. They all address the connective tissue of the body to release its restrictions so that you may function with strength and ease. The therapies are Cranialsacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Visceral Manipulation.

Fascia is the connective tissue I work with. Fascia is a strong saran wrap like material. Very strong, very thin without much give, and like saran wrap it has a memory. If it is distorted or twisted in an injury, through disease or because of chronically poor posture, it will often remain in the dysfunctional position until it is corrected by some form of intervention. Fascia covers the bones, it covers the spinal cord each organ, each muscle fiber, muscle bundle, muscle, muscle group, it covers whole sections of the body, and, finally, it covers the body as a whole. I unwind the twists and turns, and release the pulls and tugs in the fascia. When there is a twist in the fascia your whole body will twist to accommodate to it. It's like dressing a young child to go out in the cold in four or five layers of clothes. The layers probably won't line up perfectly. Can you remember how uncomfortable that was, and how restricted your movement was? Or remember how it feels to get twisted up in your blankets, one blanket going one way, another a completely different way, and the sheet a third way. That's how it is with fascia. It is like you are made up of multiple layers of saran wrap which is supposed to glide over itself easily, moving as you move. When you are injured the layers can be glued together and/or they can get twisted--holding structures out of place. This seeming design flaw is actually helpful in preventing further, more serious injury, it acts like a splint to prevent further movement of the injured part.>

In all three of the techniques I untwist the damage; really, I help the body to unwind itself. I support its unwinding. The body has its own wisdom, I simply listen to it. It tells me where to start, what to do, how fast to do it, and when we're done for the day. With the Cranialsacral Therapy I use the movements inherent in the cranial mechanism. The rhythmic expansion and contraction of the brain driven by the tidal flow of cerebral spinal fluid moves the bones of the head and then via the fascia the whole body moves in unison with the cranial rhythm. Visceral Manipulation is similar in that I work using the inherent movement of the organs to work with their fascial restrictions. Myofascial release is more direct. It is just like straightening a shirt that has gotten twisted underneath a sweater--pull here, hold there.

Sometimes I'll find energy blocks in your body so in addition to the Bodywork above I'll use acupressure, foot reflexology and other techniques to move the bodies vital energy.

Is the work difficult to do? Yes and no. Like all healing, this is an art and a science. It has taken me years to develop the skills that I have. One skill is being able to concentrate and visualize in three dimensions and multiple layers at once and to hold my mind focused until the body releases. It requires lots of energy. But like all art it gets easier when you know what you're doing, and it becomes more satisfying. When I work in consort with the body's wisdom, I am in intimate contact with the infinite mind of Living Creation.

How does it feel to receive this work? Most people find it enjoyable, relaxing, and thought provoking. People feel like they are more engaged with their life, and that their life as a whole is working .

Do you have any questions? E-mail me: william@bodyandsoulmentor.com.

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