William Wittmann, LMP

Visceral Manipulation

A patient came in with knee pain. On examination I found restrictions in the bowel on the same side. I first cleared the organ restriction, then I stretched the underlying psoas muscle, finally I unwound the fascia of the knee for a minute. The patient could now walk without pain or limitation.

Visceral Manipulation is a simple set of gentle procedures which free restrictions of the organs thereby increasing their health and vitality. The reasons for having visceral work are: 1. to assist in balancing the structure of the whole body. 2. to promote and enable healing of all the internal organs. 3. to facilitate doing emotional healing work. As a result of receiving visceral manipulation vitality, a sense of well being, and wholeness emerge in peoples lives.

Here's another example: a patient with a headache and neck pain. I found restrictions in the liver, clearing them eliminated the pain and tightness. I suspect the mechanism here was the liver was irritating the diaphragm, which irritated the phrenic nerve, which irritated the fascia of the neck, which caused tightness that caused the pain. The liver is sometimes connected to the neck bone.

These organ restrictions are complex and typically chronic. However, the techniques for clearing these restrictions are gentle and straight forward. The results of treatment are long lasting and global.

The function of the organs can be improved, often dramatically with treatment. Visceral manipulation is a great diagnostic tool to examine the organ for the mechanical restrictions which impair function and to gain valuable information about the vitality of each organ specifically. The most common result of impaired function is loss of the vitality both locally to the organ and to the person. With treatment people feel more energy and improved well being.

Even our language has linked our gut with feelings and emotions. It turns out that the link is as direct as we have all expected. The viscera are major avenues for expressing our emotions physically at those times when we have not expressed them through words or crying or yelling. Some organs tend to express more present issues, others old, some more internal, others external. Treatment helps to free these emotions and to return people to a sense of well being. For some this will be enough, others will want to pursue counseling. If they are already doing emotional work their load will be lightened by removing the burden of an exhausted body.