William Wittmann, LMP

Repair vs. Living a Life You Wholeheartedly Love

One of my beloved patients said, "I have been thinking of my work with you as repair vs. maintenance. I will think of it as maintenance more."

"Hmmm," I said. "What if we reframe this even further? Maintenance isn't such a useful model either."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you're not a car. 'Repair and maintenance' is a car model. It's an old one and dates back to my hero - Sir Isaac Newton. He and his colleagues posited a mechanistic universe. Although it's useful, really useful - useful enough to send men to the moon, it leaves much to be desired.

"With a car, you fix things when they break. Most of my patients come to me needing some repair. No problemo. Repair happens, but then what? Maintenance? What's that mean for a being of unlimited scope and grandeur, like you?"

"Good question," he says.

"You see the problem. Yes?

"I used to work with a wellness model. After repair there was wellness but what does that mean? "Here's what I mean - after repair it's all about playing a game where the goal is to live a life you wholeheartedly love - body & soul.

"I like the model of the martial artist. In this model, you stay fit for life. As in every art, you constantly get better, more spiritually grounded and connected and you never arrive. That's a good thing.

"Some don't like the martial aspect of this model so I recommend Dan Millman's classic book - The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Better still, try this: The Way of Spiritual Athlete by William." "What's that about?" he asks.

"As a Spiritual Athlete I am always repairing stuff. As we speak, I will be seeing my acupuncturist this afternoon to repair my pesky elbow sprain. The goal is to live a life you wholeheartedly love - body & soul.

"That means you have great relationships. You are fit and healthy. You express your gifts, talents, and native genius fully. Obviously, you feel satisfied when you live like this. You feel joy. You are in love with it all.

"Pretty great, huh? That's why I have people who have worked with me for over twenty years. Clearly, repair happened ages ago. Their lives unfold in wondrous ways to behold."

"Do I need to come every week?" he asks.

"Sometimes that's a good rhythm. And most people come to see me every three or four weeks. That leaves them time to ponder our work together, and clearly, saves them money and time."

"What if I travel a lot?" he asks.

"No problem. We just figure out a rhythm that works. Some even effectively use half hour phone appointments with me from all points on the globe.

"The Spiritual Athlete performs best with a coach and trainer, don't you agree?"

Questions? Ask.

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