William Wittmann, LMP

Visionary Cranialsacral Therapy

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready for the next level to show up in my healing arts, and now they have. A large and somewhat scary wave is carrying me forward and gently and powerfully lifting me up.

I have just completed my first course with the Milne Institute in visionary cranial work. It is a coming home to my roots in cranial therapy and an honoring of the twenty five or so years of cranial study I have already done. It is humbling in the best sense to come back to the beginning. What an honor.

The following two quotes point to my aspirations in the work.

The Best Listener of All

An intelligence officer is nothing if he has lost his will to listen, and George Smiley - plump, troubled, cuckolded, unassuming, indefatigable George, forever polishing his spectacles on the lining of his tie, puffing to himself and sighing in his perennial distraction - was the best listener of all. I shall remember all my life the compelling power of his patience. Smiley was listening as only Smiley can, eyes half closed, chins sunk into his neck. I thought I was telling him everything I knew. Perhaps he thought I was too, though I doubt it, for he understood far better than I the levels of self-deception that are the means of our survival. Despite the disturbing tendency of his questions, I was beginning to feel a great need to talk to him. Smiley could listen with his hooded, sleepy eyes; he could listen by the very inclination of his tubby body, by his stillness and his understanding smile. He could listen because with one exception, which was Ann, his wife, he expected nothing of his fellow souls, criticized nothing, condoned the worst of you long before you had revealed it. He could listen better than a microphone because his mind lit at once upon the essentials; he seemed able to spot them before he knew where they were leading.

The surest knowledge we have of one another comes from instinct.

- Extracts from The Secret Pilgrim by John le Carre

Motifs: Foundation Statements By Hugh Milne

Learn to sit still, to wait until your dust has settled, and your air has become clear. Wait for deep stillness. Then, start.

Develop intuitive perception and understanding for everything. Pay attention to everything, especially to the little things. Changing the little things often brings about the largest improvements.

Treat everyone, and every part of everyone, as equal. Every cell in the body has consciousness. Every minute structure is a hologram.

The more awareness we focus, the more our perception of time slows down, the greater our perception of cranial movement becomes. This is expanded consciousness. 'larger me.' Then you see what troubles everybody. Do not even attempt to see what troubles everybody in ordinary consciousness.

Presence is much more important than technique. Beginners want to learn more and more techniques. When you achieve mastery, one technique will do . . . It is AMAZING how much how little will do.

Ask permission to touch their head. Then put your hands on their head and wait. Wait for the head to tell you what to do. If the head tells you to do nothing, you do nothing.

Above all, go slowly. You cannot go too deep, just too fast.

When you don't know what to do, ask for a cup of tea. Learn how to ask for help. The ancient Greeks believed that not asking for help could get you killed. Recognize 'sets '.

Meditate. Live purely, be quiet, and do your work with mastery.

Do your work, then stand back.