William Wittmann, LMP
William Wittmann, Life Coach, CranialSacral Therapy, Seattle

Because I already know this about you -

"You are saturated with innate natural perfection."

I know you can live a life you love wholeheartedly - body and soul.

And I know this about your body:

Your body has an ancient wisdom that knows how to mend you.

"To find health should be the object of the healer. Anyone can find disease." - Andrew Taylor Still

So, what can I offer you if you're already enough and your body knows how to heal itself?

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Life Coaching

Instead of fixing what ain't broken, Life Coaching helps you to remember your callings and your deepest soul urges.

And I journey with you and help you to live your life from your calling. This life will be the life you love wholeheartedly - body and soul. It's the way it works.

Your journey continues until you pass from this world. I can walk with you on that journey.

Obviously, you can see that mentoring continues to benefit you through all the phases of your life.

Humans are designed for mentoring. I continue to be mentored.

Consider it.

My BodyTherapies

My BodyTherapies gently and effectively restore your body. Not so much by fixing you as assisting your body's ancient wisdom to return to health and wholeness.

All my hands on therapy modalities include Life Coaching. You may enjoy this rare combination. You can read about Journey Work here.

I'd love to work and play with you on your journey to living a life you love, filled with meaning, purpose and joy.

Here Are Three Paths You Can Take:

One: You can have individual sessions with me in my office, my home, or on the phone. (Some people enjoy using Skype.)

You can read about Journey Work here.

Or you can visit my private practice website to read personal stories and testimonials, and all the specifics as to what I really do in a session.

You can listen to New Spirit Journal's publisher, Krysta Gibson's interview with, here.

Two:: You can get mentoring through my books. My Amazon Author's Page will reveal all for you.

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Three: You can travel with me by taking advantage of my Free Goodies or using any of these Cool Resources.

Remember, you are enough just the way you are right now. And I'd love to journey with you as you thrive.

Walk in beauty,


P.S. You're not broken. You are enough just the way you are. Right now. Come play and explore anyhow.

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Questions? Call me at 206.328.2073 or email me.